In 2017/18, the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra celebrates its 16th season with a smorgasbord of concerts, chamber recitals, workshops for musicians and composers, free educational presentations, acclaimed guest soloists, and more. Audiences will experience Canadian music that is both rooted in ancient traditions and excitingly fresh to the ear; music that draws on the poetic best of many cultures, and builds bridges of imagination and communication between them.

In addition to the following concerts & other events, the VICO offers an annual slate of educational programs, including workshops for composers and other activities. Visit the Education page for details!




Global Soundscapes Festival 2018

June 16-27, 2018


The 2018 edition of our Global Soundscapes Festival showcases the instruments and traditions of Azerbaijan, Iran, and other world cultures, and explore the intersection of these with Canadian cultures through the creation & performance of intercultural music. The VICO presents international guests (Kayhan Kalhor, setar and kamanche; Kiya Tabassian, setar; Elshan Mansurov, kamanche; Elcin Naghiyev, tar; Saeed Mirzazadeh, tar; and John Zoltek, conductor) alongside Canadian musicians (Jamal Kurdistani, tenor; Saina Khaledi, santur; Hamin Honari, tombak; Navid Goldrick, oud), guest ensembles (Vashaan Persian Ensemble, Borealis String Quartet) and composers (Farangis Nurulla-Khoja, Ali Rasmy, Farshid Samandari and Mark Armanini) in a series of concerts, workshops and public educational presentations, held over the course of 10 days in June 2018, in Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Surrey. Details here



We extend grateful thanks to the following funders & partners, for their support of our 2017/2018 programming: