Duo in Raast Panjgaah / Mahoor by Saina Khaledi

Saina Khaledi (composer/santur)

Saina Khaledi was the winner of the Iranian Santour Festival in 2003. Saina received her diploma from Iran’s most prestigious music school, the Tehran Music Conservatoire. She continued her studies and graduated in Music (Bachelor of Arts) from the Tehran Music University in 2007, at which point she studied with Masters: Mr. Nasrollah Khaledi, Mrs. Soosan Aslani (Dehlavi), and Mrs. Arfa Atraei.  Saina has performed in Iran, Austria, USA and Canada, often as a soloist or with groups such as the National Orchestra of Iran Conservatoire, Iran Youth Great Orchestra, Mellal Orchestra, Hamsaz Ensemble, Hamnavazan Ensemble, the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra, and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.


Ali Sajjadi (oud)

Ali Sajjadi studied setar and radif with Masoud Shaari and continued his training on the oud with masters, Hossein Behroozinia and Arsalan Kamkar. Ali has had a very successful career in both Iran and Canada.  He has played with the Hamsaz Ensemble directed by Masoud Shaari, the Khorshid Ensemble, the Mezrab Ensemble, and the Iranian national art institute Symphony Orchestra.

About the Instruments

Santur: A Persian hammered dulcimer whose trapezoid body is made of a hard wood such as walnut or rosewood. It has 72 strings, which are strung over two sets of 9 bridges on either side of the instrument. It is strung 4 strings to a note, and has a diatonic range of just over 3 octaves. Played with 2 wooden mallets.

Oud: A short necked fretless lute, known throughout the Arabic world, it typically has 5 double courses of strings tuned in intervals of a perfect fourth. It has a full, warm sound and its fretless neck allows for quarter tones and sliding effects. The European Lute derives directly from the Oud; in fact, the word Lute is derived from El Ud (the Ud).

Video Production Credits

Director of Photography – Kerry Phillips

Gaffer / B Camera – Yong Jin Kim

Audio Engineer & Mix – Sheldon Zaharko

All additional photography – Kerry Phillips

Filmed and recorded on July 27, 2020 at Pyatt Hall (VSO School of Music) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

For the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra:

Global Soundscapes Festival Producer – Mark Armanini

Senior Project Manager – Farshid Samandari

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