Audio Samples & Notes: Nikki Carter

1. Agua Azul(2007) (9′)
Danbau, Ud, Zheng, World Percussion

Composer’s Notes:
Agua Azul is a piece about a perfect place. A place that exists in solitude, and in friendship. Great simplicity and complexity simultaneously. Ever constant-ever changing. The piece features a latin-influenced melody, unaccompanied solos on zheng, danbau, a trio of voice, zheng and danbau, and improvisation on ten cells by the ensemble.

2. Invocation for S’Unduda – (2012) (19′)
Danbau, Dizi, Erhu 1 & 2, Oud/Santur, Zheng, Tar, Pipa

Nikki Carter is one of Canada’s most lyrical and inventive saxophonists and composers. Her work has included a wide selection projects with dance, theatre, multi-media and film over the last thirty years. Nikki has toured Canada, the USA and Europe performing in major festivals in Berlin, Lisbon and Chicago, and her collaborations include work with George Lewis, Wadada Leo Smith, Roscoe Mitchell, Butch Morris, Marilyn Crispell, Oliver Lake, Diane Labrosse, Pierre Tanguay and John Oswald. As saxophonist/composer and leader of the NOW Orchestra you can hear Nikki on a number of critically acclaimed recordings.