Joël Bons

Audio Samples & Notes: Joël Bons

1. Tour a Tour – (2006) (20′)
Erhu, Zhonghu, Oud, Santur, Sheng, Zheng, Bansuri

2. Green Dragon – (2012) (12′)
Erhu 1 & 2, Santur, Tar, Zheng, Pipa

Joël Bons is an internationally-recognized, award-winning intercultural composer and artistic director, embodying high European musical standards and a forward-thinking aesthetic out on the cutting edge of contemporary classical music. Based in Amsterdam, he is the founding Artistic Director of the internationally-acclaimed Nieuw Ensemble and the Atlas Ensemble, which describes itself (very similarly to the VICO) as “a unique chamber orchestra uniting brilliant musicians from China, Central Asia, the Near East and Europe, presenting a previously unheard soundworld of western and non-western instruments.”