Neil Weisensel

Audio Samples & Notes: Neil Weisensel

 1. Excerpt 1 from Presence (2002) (20′)
Ehru, Sitar, Yangqin, Tabla

 2. Excerpt 2 from Presence (2002) (20′)

Composer’s Notes:
text by Pamela Post
I Procession. II Invocation. III Celebration. IV Invocation II. V Procession II.
Be here now
It’s all there is
This shining moment is you.
It’s all you’re here to know.
It’s all there really is.
Step out of the story.
The game of illusion.
The human delusion.
Right now.
Past and future are phantoms
That haunt you and rob you
Of life’s sweetest essence,
Your soul’s own quintessence.
Come into the Presence right now.
Time’s the myth that will taunt you
With cycles of fear and desire.
Transform that illusion on the
Labyrinth of Now’s fiery pyre.
You’re part of the glory.
Step out of the story.
This shining moment is you.

Neil Weisensel is a Vancouver-based composer, conductor, and producer. His operas have seen over one hundred performances across Canada, presented by companies such as Edmonton Opera and Opera Lyra Ottawa. Mr. Weisensel has also composed works for orchestra, a musical, chamber music, and music for big band. In addition, he has composed and produced a wide variety of music for feature film and documentaries for networks such as Bravo!, TSN, WTN, and CTV Sportsnet. In 2000, with support from the Vancouver Opera Guild and the Canada Council, he completed The Master’s Stroke, a full-length comic opera about golf which was premièred in Winnipeg. More recently, he orchestrated and arranged music for The Masque Affect, a new mega-musical about Handel, received a commission from the BC Arts Council for a new piece of chamber music, and was awarded a major fellowship from and OPERA America. Mr. Weisensel holds a Master’s Degree in Composition from UBC and is a member of the Canadian Music Centre.