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In May 2015, the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra and Laudate Singers celebrated more than a decade of artistic partnership with a concert of choral intercultural music titled MYSTICS & LOVERS. The next day, those same 50+ musicians gathered again to record two of the featured works on the programme, Ani Ma-amin (I Believe) by Moshe Denburg and Asheghaneh by Farshid Samandari. We are so excited to share the result with you at last!

“This orchestra (…) delivers the goods with such ferocity, even a metal head would stop and give pause to digest the extravaganza on parade here. This is the sitting down listening experience of the year and you don’t even have to be an egghead to get it. (…) A shining example of the passion it takes to keep classical music fresh”.MidWest Record

back-cover-mystics-loversAni Ma-amin and Asheghaneh were first commissioned and premiered by the VICO with Laudate Singers in 2001 and 2006 respectively. These Canadian intercultural works share central themes: both draw on the poetic best of many cultures to build bridges between them. Both strive for unity in diversity, expressing a longing for peace and understanding, and seeking connection between personal love and spiritual devotion. Both are major works that use the human voice and instruments from many countries (including traditional instruments from China, Vietnam, Iran and India as well as Western European/North American strings and winds) to highlight both the commonality and contrasting expressions of these deeply
human sentiments, communicated through centuries-old texts (by a 12th century Rabbi/philosopher in Ani Ma-amin and an 11th-c. Persian poet/philosopher in Asheghaneh) that still resonate with us today.

Read more about the music, the composers and the performers here.

“Moshe Denburg’s “Ani Ma-Amin” and Farshid Samandari’s “Asheghaneh” might seem odd bedfellows. Brought together in this profound performance, however, they prove mutually illuminating.  (…) Even though there is no direct link between the two pieces, it is the ecstatic nature of both pieces – messianic and Sufist – that forms a common thread and an inspirational legacy for other composers should they be so inclined and so bold to put such inspirational music down on paper.” – Raul De Gama, Toronto Music Report


This was our first studio recording, an EP produced in 2011. It features three new Canadian works for intercultural orchestra, all commissioned and premiered by the VICO:

1. Green Winds by Jin Zhang

2. Camel Hop at the Caravanserai by Moshe Denburg

3. Shimmering Leaves by Mark Armanini