What the Night Bird Told the Wanderer (2011 / 2021) is an anniversary celebration project that has been a decade in the making. In 2011, the VICO marked its 10th anniversary with two major concerts: Classical Meets Intercultural, and Orchestral Evolution, featuring two large-scale compositions that combined European classical sensibilities with a whole world of intercultural possibilities. Both Night Bird Singing by Mark Armanini and Dreams of the Wanderer by Moshe Denburg were recorded at the time – but busy schedules intervened and years passed, and the recordings were never finished.

Ten years later, as the VICO celebrates its 20th anniversary, composer- producers Mark and Moshe have gone back into the studio with engineer Sheldon Zaharko to mix and master their pieces, so that we may release them as a digital album.

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What the Night Bird Told the Wanderer is available for digital download via Bandcamp, and also streaming on Spotify.

In the Key of the World (2020) is the VICO’s first full-length studio album. It features an ensemble of 28 musicians playing instruments from a wide range of musical traditions, including Chinese, Vietnamese, Persian, East Indian and European. Like the VICO itself, In the Key of the World exists in several musical genres at once: world, classical, traditional. It transcends borders and breaks down barriers, throwing open the doors of contemporary classical music and forging a new path towards a truly diverse 21st-century Canadian music scene. In the Key of the World was nominated for Global Artist of the Year and Instrumental Artist of the Year at the 2021 Western Canadian Music Awards.

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In the Key of the World is available for digital download via Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, and more. You can also stream it on Spotify and Soundcloud.

If you are interested in purchasing a physical copy of the album, please e-mail melanie@vi-co.org.

In May 2015, the VICO and Laudate Singers celebrated more than a decade of artistic partnership with a concert of choral intercultural music titled MYSTICS & LOVERS. The next day, those same 50+ musicians gathered again to record two of the featured works on the programme, Ani Ma-amin (I Believe) by Moshe Denburg and Asheghaneh by Farshid Samandari.

“This orchestra (…) delivers the goods with such ferocity, even a metal head would stop and give pause to digest the extravaganza on parade here. This is the sitting down listening experience of the year (…) A shining example of the passion it takes to keep classical music fresh”.MidWest Record

MYSTICS & LOVERS is available via

You can also listen to the album on Spotify.

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This is the VICO’s first ever studio recording, an EP produced in 2011. It features three new Canadian works for intercultural orchestra, all commissioned and premiered by the VICO:

1. Green Winds by Jin Zhang

2. Camel Hop at the Caravanserai by Moshe Denburg

3. Shimmering Leaves by Mark Armanini